You always have a choice with Palis buggies, and our golf cart is no different. A calm and placid experience is essential for a golfer and a drive on the golf carts in the golf session would solace the mind.

Designed specifically for easy steer and control, it assures a peaceful drive. Along with the ergonomic design, Palis buggy offers additional features like bag holders, basket and cooler container. Our battery-operated vehicle serves the purpose of pollution free environment and calmer drives beside the lawns.

The Palis 4-seater adds comfort to sporty handling, boasting the tightest turn radius in the industry. This makes it ideal for resorts, college and corporate campuses, and other sites.

The all-new Palis 6-seater is our most stylish and sophisticated transport vehicle yet. We’ve updated one of our most popular vehicles with enhanced features and best-in-class manoeuvrability – allowing you to streamline your operation with comfortable, reliable guest shuttles.

This is the perfect vehicle to use around the resort for housekeeping, room service, or any maintenance application. Great for postal delivery, freight delivery, hotel maintenance, and more!


  • Wide doors for easy access to cargo area.
  • Huge cargo space.
  • Partitions and other customizations can be done.
  • Overhead interior lighting.
  • Smooth walls for easy labelling of graphics.
  • Carries up to 1543.5 lbs. (700 kg).

The Palis garbage collector buggy is specially built to serve its purpose for door to door garbage waste collection.


  • Standard garbage disposer.
  • Tilting facility for easy access and off-loading.
  • Safety locks for keeping the container upright while driving.
  • Can be customized to one big container and two separate containers for collecting dry and wet waste separately.


It is a modified buggy which is perfect for rapid on-site emergencies around the resort and golf course. The buggy is equipped with first aid kit to administer minor injuries, fire extinguishers (CO2 & dry powder) and hydrant hose to put out small fire breakouts.


Our line of emergency vehicle is perfect for all applications involving patrols in Stadiums, State Parks, Factories, Universities or Campus type situations. Ambulance buggy provide medical help during emergencies and for regular operations where normal ambulance can’t reach easily like in golf course, county park, etc.